In this course, students learn how to use 3D Studio max to model, apply material, add lights and cameras, render still images and animate architectural or interior scenes. Scenes could be imported from AutoCAD as 3D or as 2D and fully modeled in Max. Although this course is titled for architects and interior designers, it actually provides the fundamental knowledge for anyone who wishes to use 3DS Max. The end of the course focuses on the architect and interior aspect of the software.


   Use the Interface

   Use Selection and Transformation Tools

   Create and Modify Mesh Objects

   Create and Modify Poly Objects

   Import AutoCAD 2D Files and Model in Max

   Organize AutoCAD Files Using Layers and Plines

   Import Plines from AutoCAD Files to Create 3D Objects in Max

   Use Standard Lights

   Create a Night View Using Photomatric Lights

   Create Daylight Systems

   Add and Modify Cameras

   Create a Basic Animation

   Create, Get, Modify, and Save Materials

   Import a 3D Hut from AutoCAD to Assign Materials, Add Backgrounds, and Render

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