Join us to write syntactically perfect PHP and Codelgniter codes and start creating interactive web pages with Php. Learn to create high quality responsive Websites that can run smoothly on mobile, tablets and large screen browsers. Build your portfolio by working on a Final Project.



   Create your first web page using HTML tags attributes

   Make it more colorful and organized using CSS

   Add interactivity to Web Pages

   Project of making Standardized website

    Introduction of PHP

    Basic of coding PHP

    Implement database management in PHP

   Create and Validate forms

   Introduction of CodeIgniter and Wordpress

   Final Project


   Using Wordpress CMS Solution

   Design your 1st Wordpress website

   How to modify Wordpress themes

   Introduction to WooCommerce

   Wordpress Project

   How to work CodeIgniter

   How to work MVC

   How To work Helpers and Libraries in CodeIgniter

   Database Connection in CodeIgniter

   How to use HTML template in CodeIgniter

   Create your 1st custom CMS in CodeIgniter

   Final Project

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